Freelance Web Designer in Solihull

A web designer in Solihull with a focus on building websites which are optimised to appear on the first page of Google and maximising the number of website visitors who become leads and customers.

Do you need a website? Or do you need new customers?


Search engine optimisation

There is no point investing in a website if nobody is going to know that it exists.  In order for potential customers to find your website you need to be appearing on the first page of Google for your products/services.  Whilst I can’t provide any guarantees, I can assure you that I will use my experience as an SEO consultant to ensure that your website has the best foundations possible to rise up the rankings!


Convert Visitors into leads

Build a 24/7 lead generation machine for your business.  As a marketing consultant I understand that driving potential customers to your website is just the first step.  The main priority is converting these website visitors into leads and customers. As a web designer I therefore ensure that the website engages with the visitor and makes the contact process as appealing and simple as possible.  Learn more about my lead generation & lead conversion services.

Recent Web Design Examples

The old Joe Delucci’s Gelato website was only ranking on Google for brand related search terms when I was tasked with building them a new website.  Five months later their new website already ranks in the top twenty search results for 8 of our 13 target keywords.  And their main B2B landing page has appeared in over 7,000 searches (with 12.5% of those visiting the page converting into B2B leads).

I built Estilo Barbers their first website and within just three months they were appearing on the first page of Google for their target search terms.  Now 12 months later they have the highest average Google ranking for any barber in Solihull, and their website now appears in almost 4,000 Google searches every single month!


Hire a results driven website designer

When it comes to hiring a web designer in Solihull (or beyond), make sure that you invest your money in someone who is building a website with a focus on generating new customers for your business.  This requires developing an SEO strategy before works starts on your website, and ensuring that the website is built to ensure that it provides the information your visitors are looking for and that you make it as easier as possible for visitors to reach out or make a purchase.