White Label SEO Reseller for Web Designers & Agencies

Based in Solihull, near Birmingham, I act as a White Label SEO Reseller for freelance web designers and web design agencies across the UK.

Whether you are building a new website for a client, or updating an existing website; my white label SEO reseller package will enable you to build SEO optimised websites for your clients.

The benefits of my White Label SEO reseller services


Free SEO support

Pass my costs on to your client & you will effectively have a free on-page SEO specialist supporting you & your team with any questions you may have.


Save Money

High quality SEO anaylsis & monitoring requires investing in the very best SEO software & plugins, which will cost you around £300pm.


Low Risk

Don’t purchase my white label SEO reseller services until your client has already agreed to your web design quote and paid the deposit.

What does my White Label SEO reseller package include?

Free website Audit

Need assistance with closing a lead?  Simply send me an message a few days before your meeting and I will analyse their current website, rankings and (if possible) traffic; in order to provide you with advise and actionable data to help you close the deal!

As standard my white label SEO reseller package involves identifying two landing pages which have the best chance of driving organic traffic to your clients website.  However my free website audit will include a list of pages, in order of priority, so that you can decide how many pages we should optimise based on your clients available budget.

Indepth keyword research

I will identify the top keywords that your client should be ranking for (either locally or nationally – depending on the client), as well as those that your client has the best chance of seeing improved rankings, so that our efforts show the best return on investment for your client. 

Comprehensive competitor analysis

For each target keyword I will perform an in-depth analysis of the top 100 competing web pages, which involves assessing each page for 500+ different factors known to affect a page’s rank on Google.  This provides me with a wealth of data, which I can assess to figure out why the pages rank in that order and what it takes for a page to rank on the first page of Google. 

Bespoke SEO strategy & support

I will create an SEO strategy for your client and support you in your efforts to implement these changes.

This includes the required word count; website structure & internal linking suggestions; recommended URL format; required 301 redirects (very important when redesigning an existing website!); a list of the competing websites that you need to beat; advise on making the page more user friendly; as well as any other SEO suggestions that my research uncovers. 

FREE access to premium wordpress plugins

I currently recommend that all WordPress websites use WP Rocket, ShortPixel and Asset Cleanup for speed and image optimisation; and SEO Press for setting up the sitemap, meta titles & descriptions, schema, open graph data, robots.txt file etc.

I will install and set up these premium plugins for you on your clients website.

Headings, Copy & Meta optimisation

Once the copy has been written, I will optimise this text based on my in-depth research and provide you with my recommend headings and meta titles/descriptions.

IMPORTANT – Each SEO optimised landing page requires a minimum of 750 words, so make sure that you factor in the copy writing costs when creating your quote!

Google & Bing Account set up

I will ensure that the clients Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business & Bing Webmasters accounts are set up correctly to ensure that the new website is being indexed by the two most popular search engines.

Conversion tracking

I will ensure that Goal Conversions are set up to be tracked correctly in Google Analytics (i.e. monitor how many people use the website’s contact forms).  This enables us to monitor how successful the website is at converting leads, and whether further website optimisations are needed in the future.

IMPORTANT – You will need to create the relevant ‘Thank You’ pages so that we can track form submissions.

White Label Monthly reports

For 3 months, following the launch of the website (or the completion of optimising an existing website) I will provide you with white label SEO reports to send to your client.

IMPORTANT – Your client needs to be aware that their rankings will likely take a dip during this period (as Google analyses the changes/new website and decides where the page should rank).  However, after 3 months we should have a good understanding of where the website is going to rank.

If the rankings haven’t improved over this period, I will continue to support you at no additional cost until we see these improvements.

upsell suggestions

At the end of the 3 month period, I will reassess your clients website and provide you with further upsell suggestions based on my analysis.  Building a website doesn’t have to be a one-off source of income! 


Data-driven SEO services

I focus my efforts on using the latest tools and analysing as much data as possible, so that I can understand why the top 100 websites for any search term rank in that order.

I will then provide you with a data backed strategy on how to build landing pages which are superior to your clients competitors, and have the best foundations for ranking on the 1st page of Google.


Page by page SEO strategy

Google ranks pages, not websites.  This may be an oversimplification of the complex nature of Google’s algorthm, but once you have a website which loads quickly, has a good internal structure and provides a postive experience for its users; the most cost-effective approach for your client is a page-by-page SEO strategy.

 This means using data to identify the landing pages which will show the best return on investment (i.e. those most likely to drive organic traffic to the website), and focusing our efforts on improving the rank of these pages.

“Michael has been working closely with HotLobster Design for over 3 years now, and we include his white label SEO package with every quote we send.  There is definitely a growing demand from clients for their new website to rank well on Google.  And by using Michael’s services we have been able to increase our profit per client, significantly improve the SEO value of our websites and he has also helped us to become one of the top ranked web designers in Solihull!

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